Dexter Kill Outfit Bundle

Dexter Kill Outfit Bundle Official Dexter Halloween Costume Cleanliness is next to godliness, and our favorite neat freak loves playing god. Play god or Dexter with the Dexter Kill Outfit Bundle. Dexter’s all about the details so you can be sure you’re up to his code with this full set. The olive green henley—just like the one Dexter wears on the show—offers a snug fit for a job that must be completed with the utmost precision. The vinyl apron is sure to keep you clean in any situation with an adjustable neck strap and Dexter splatter design on the front. Keep clean and in character with Dexter's face shield. The adjustable hat is foam lined to protect your forehead and the removable shield easily lifts away from your face. Detailed blood splatters make this the ideal addition to complete your killer costume.