Dwarven Beard Hat

Dwarven Beard Hat Beards of honor and glory! There's just something about being a dwarf, clearing out orcs and kobolds from an underground keep that just inspires us. Imagine walking around in full armor and stompy boots, axe at the ready, with that luscious dwarven beard for all to see...

Imagine no further! For those of us looking to put some cosplay into our roleplay, check out these dwarven beards! In earthly brown and wise old gray, these 100% acrylic yarn beards will be the hit of your adventuring party. They're easy to use and adjustable, with two buttons attaching to a knit warrior's helm. (Axe, armor and ale sadly not included.)

And remember, dwarves are equal-opportunity -- these beards aren't just for men! Nothing says sexy like a dwarven lass with silky chin tresses.