Man Soap - $6.95

Man Soap - $6.95 from Gadgets and GearYou’re a man. Time to start smelling like one. Aren’t you sick of being forced to use all those girly scented soaps? I mean come on, you’re a man. You shouldn’t be smelling like citrus or lavender or apricot. Leave the girly scents for the fairer sex. Guys should be using Man Soap.

Been Told You're Not Man Enough? With Man Soap you can smell the way you need to smell. While we do disagree with men using women soap, we do have to admit that having a bunch of different scents is a good idea. Every guy is unique and should smell the way he wants to smell. That’s the whole point of Man Soap. Smell the way you want to smell.

Man Soap now comes in 28 manly scents: Bacon, Baseball Glove, Beer, Bonfire, Brewed Coffee, Buttered Popcorn, Cannabis, Cash, Cedar Log Cabin, Chewing Tobacco, Cut and Shave, Democrat, Fresh Cut Grass, Margarita, Muscle Rub, Nag Champa Incense, Obsession Cologne, Orange Cleaner, Race Day, Red Wine, Republican, Urinal Mint, Cigar, Lap Dance, Pine Tar, Pizza and Spring Break.