Buy a shirt and they'll plant ten trees!

Buy a shirt and they'll plant ten trees! Ten trees are planted for each item purchased! Ten Tree was founded on the premise that we need to protect the world we play in. It’s your world, your life, your playground. This 50/50 polycotton blend is a perfect light fit for fall.

Tree planting is not an easy process. In many locations, labour is difficult to come by, the native plant species are dying out, environmental conditions are harsh, and close care must be taken to ensure the survival of the trees. Ten Tree employs experts in forestry and has partnered with several organizations that have local expertise in order to take part in some of the most innovative planting projects in the world. These projects do not simply plant trees; they provide long-term employment, restore ailing eco-systems, support sustainable communities and provide the local population with independence. Click HERE to view the locations — like Ethiopia, Haiti and Tanzania — where trees will be planted

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